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Selden Market and our businesses continue to monitor the continually evolving news of the COVID-19 outbreak. While Selden Market remains open, our individual businesses are adjusting their hours and operations to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our small business owners, their employees, customers, and the community.

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Vessel Craft Coffee

A coffee bar featuring ethically-sourced coffee, cold brew, brew gear, and world change.

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Vessel Craft Coffee, founded by Norfolk native Sarah Beth Cowherd, is a social entrepreneurship initiative. It began with a dream to combine the complex world of specialty craft coffee with the desire to bring something of value to the community in which it exists. Vessel buys coffee beans from farms around the world that pay fair wages, provide humane working conditions, and practice sustainable farming methods. The coffee is then locally-roasted, taking into consideration the country of origin and specific characteristics of the bean to achieve certain flavor profiles.

Vessel Craft Coffee believes that coffee is more than just a morning ritual—it is quality time with the one you love, it is connection, it is community. That is why every quarter, they give back 10% of profits to trackable community projects that make a difference in Norfolk.

Vessel Craft Coffee at Selden Market features a coffee bar with their locally famous Cold Brew on tap, Cold Brew on nitro, drip coffee, and innovative single origin pour-overs. You can also buy bagged coffee from around the world, bottled craft Cold Brew, and coffee brewing equipment (perfect for the novice brewer). Be on the lookout for seasonal releases and specialty offerings that you’ve never seen before!